Tish Bat Yah, Realtor

Tish is an entrepreneur & native of Saint Louis, Mo. She moved south to the great city of Memphis on a mission driven by faith & purpose in 2014. Prior to moving her talents to Memphis, she embarked on a very impressive 14-year career as a licensed executive manager in the Insurance Industry. While governing over all aspects of the insurance business she provided homeowners, auto & commercial insurance coverage for thousands of families in the Midwest and the South.

Always inclined to assist others in her surroundings, Tish’s background in managing over sales and customer service along with her problem-solving skills gave her the tools she needed to pursue a career in real estate. After relocating to Memphis, she discovered the culture, diversity, landscape, and redevelopment of Memphis gave her the inspiration to begin her real estate career here in the Bluff City and its surrounding counties.

Prioritizing her buyer/seller client’s needs above all things Tish brings integrity, professionalism, strategic negotiation skills, a wealth of knowledge, a healthy dose of “fun” along with a very unbiased representation with the goal of executing for her clients… making your dreams of realty become your reality.

Tish is a local entrepreneur and a highly active member of the Memphis and Cordova community. She serves as a member of the Community Development Committee with MAAR. In her free time, she enjoys watching sports and enjoying precious family time with her son Landon. She is also local Allstate Insurance agent, Contractor and Notary public. Tish’s mission to our community is simple, but monumental: Lets KNOW together, Lets GROW together, and Let’s SOW together!